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Wats, or Buddhist Temples, are located throughout Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

The town of SihanoukVille, named after King Sihanouk, is located in the Southern province of Kampong Som.

SihanoukVille is best know for it's beautiful beaches, which attract tourist from all over the world, and also for having the only deep water port in the country. SihanoukVille is also a major exporter of clothing, and has a national park, Ream National Park, located on the Bay of Thailand.

There are 5 main Wats in and around SihanoukVille:

Wat Leu, or "Upper Wat" is located on top of SihanoukVille Mountain.

Wat Leu is surrounded by manicured forest and has wonderful views of the town and islands.

Wat Kraom, or "Lower Wat", is located near Independence Beach, at the bottom of SihanoukVille Mountain. It covers a large area of landscaped forest.

Wat Otres, behind Otres Beach, is a Wat.

Ream, the National Park, has 2 Wats.
The Outer Wat is located on the road number 4 to Phnom Penh
This Wat is used mainly as a school.

The Inner Wat is located inside the Ream National Park.
Inner Wat features a large reclining Buddha carved out of the mountaintop.

Sala Chaw Tien, sihanoukville, cambodia

Sala Chaw Tien, Downtown. A baby Wat

monks, cambodia

waterfountain at wat kraom, sihanoukville, cambodia



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